Luxury Beverages Around the World

Once in a Lifetime Beverages You Must Try.

One of the best parts of having abundance is being able to reward true artistry in our world. This artistry can be expressed in dozens of ways, but one of them is in fine beverages: coffee, wine, cocktails, and even water. The process of bringing out new and interesting flavors through growing, processing and aging of the ingredients that go into these works of art are as amazing as the taste itself.

These are the gourmet beverages from around the world that you simply must try:

1. Kona Coffee

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any quality kona coffee outside of the Big Island of Hawaii. The coffee-growing region of Hawaii is only two-miles wide, meaning that the price of quality kona coffee starts at $30/pound. The unique growing conditions mean that coffee can be grown at lower altitudes that other regions in the world.
There are hundreds of coffee farms in the tiny ‘kona coffee belt’, the region where this coffee is grown. That means a wide variation in flavor from brand to brand.
When we went on public tours of the kona coffee region, there were a few coffees that we truly liked: Hula Daddy, Koa Coffee and Kona Joe Coffee were noticeably tasty.
For advice on which kona coffees to try (and which ones to skip), we recommend this website:

2. Crystal Head Vodka

How many beverages have you drank in your lifetime that you can say for certain have been filtered by diamonds? Enter Crystal Head Vodka. The vodka filtration process for Crystal Head involves using Herkimer diamonds for the final 3 filtrations. While it’s debatable that it significantly affects the purity of the vodka, you have to admit that it’s an impressive story.

3. Samuel Adams Utopias

This is billed as the world’s most expensive beer, at $5/oz. That may not sound like much, but it adds up to $80/pint (a pint is 16oz., according to Google). It’s flavor profile is rich malt and wood complexity, and it’s alcohol content is listed at 28% ABV. However the utopia selection is offered in limited quantities, and each year’s edition is different. But the one thing that never changes? The pure luxury.

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