Best Mai-Tai in Hawaii

We’ve been on a mission here at Oneluxurytravel to find the tastiest Mai Tai in Hawaii. And by Hawaii, we mean all four of the major islands (sorry, Molokai). We have traversed the Big Island, Maui, Oahu (Honolulu), and Kauai. By the way, the Napali Coast was a beautiful site to behold, if you ever do a tour of the area (try

We haven’t tried every single restaurant just yet, but we have definitely tried over a hundred different variations on the famous Hawaiian drink.

Who Makes the Best Mai Tai in Hawaii?

Right now we have to declare the Mai Tais from Ola Bar (in the Turtle Bay Resort) to be the best we’ve ever tried.

The Ola Bar is located in the famous Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Hawaii. It’s an open restaurant/bar right on the ocean front. In addition to the Mai Tai, we highly recommend that you try the Misoyaki Butterfish for tender, tasty fish.

What makes the Mai Tai so great? Well, for one, it’s gigantic. It’s made with three kinds of rum: white rum, regular, and dark rum. The dark rum has a brown sugar flavour to it. The drink also has triple sec (to bring out the citrus) and some kind of almond curacao, which brings out the smooth sweetness of the cherry.

That’s a lot of alcohol. It costs $14, but trust me: you only need one. It’s incredibly tasty, so remember to pace yourself. Just sit back, sip your Mai Tai, and enjoy the ocean waves.

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