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The Grand Hotel in Stockholm

A Truly Grand Hotel in Both Luxury and History. North Americans will tend to shy away from Sweden (as well as the other Nordic countries) because of the relatively high cost of living in these countries (in other words, you likely won’t see many Bookit coupon promotions for vacations to Sweden). But the average American tourist’s loss will be your gain, as Sweden has some amazing sights and experiences. And you won’t have to fight the crowds to see them. Over a Century of History: Built by a Frenchman in 1874, Stockholm’s Grand Hotel has been Scandinavia’s premier hotel for…

Luxury Travel Trends This Year (and Beyond!)

Who Goes on Luxury Vacations? And where do they go? Do they visit Ibiza? St. Barts? The South of France? How old is the average ‘luxury traveller’? And what makes a luxury traveller in the first place? Do they use travel coupon sites like the rest of us, or do they pay full price for convenience? Michelle over at sent us an amazing and informative infographic that gives you every fact about luxury travel you can think of. Check it out below: Thanks to Michelle at:
best mai tai in hawaii

Best Mai-Tai in Hawaii

We’ve been on a mission here at Oneluxurytravel to find the tastiest Mai Tai in Hawaii. And by Hawaii, we mean all four of the major islands (sorry, Molokai). We have traversed the Big Island, Maui, Oahu (Honolulu), and Kauai. By the way, the Napali Coast was a beautiful site to behold, if you ever do a tour of the area (try We haven’t tried every single restaurant just yet, but we have definitely tried over a hundred different variations on the famous Hawaiian drink. Who Makes the Best Mai Tai in Hawaii? Right now we have to…